Wireless Rear View Camera

We offer high quality Rear View Cameras (RVC cams) to attach to your Renault, Dacia, Kia or Huyndai car and MediaNAV. Menaco enables the RVC feature with automatic switch and signal recognition. Our cameras are wireless, so you don’t have to worry about getting wires from one end of your car to the other. You can also attach the camera to the reverse light, so it turns on automatically when backing up.

The rear-view camera allows you to see what’s behind your Renault/Dacia when you are backing up. We advise to connect the camera to the reverse-light, so it jumps on when you back up.

The pack does NOT contain Menaco software, you need to purchase this to connect to MediaNAV.

  • Infra red light
  • Water, dust and dirt resistant (IP68)
  • 120º viewing angle
  • 250x30x40mm
  • 420 lines resolution (628x586px)
  • 2.4G wireless













What is Menaco?

Menaco is add-on firmware for your Renault, Dacia, Kia & Huyndai MediaNAV systems. With Menaco, you can open up your system to install your own themes, rear-view-camera, apps and use alternative navigation on your device. Mena.co is the official global distributor of the software. We provide users with the best MediaNAV experience. Don’t forget to check out our forum for more info! Menaco was built by the same developers who brought you Menavrus. Menavrus was a very popular MediaNAV software package delivering rear-view camera’s, enabling USB hub support and installing new apps.

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  • Mena.co | Alternative Navigation
    "Very happy, finally installed latest version of Italy maps 7Ways. Took about 30 minutes with Total Commander." ★★★★★55
  • Mena.co | Alternative Navigation
    "Here in Morocco I drive Dokker and in traffic can watch video, thank you very much!!" ★★★★★55
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    "I hate the design of dacia on my sandero, so happy I found this site. Installed 6 icon version." ★★★★44
  • Mena.co | Alternative Navigation
    "Ordered rear-view camera and wireless pack, came next day (Holland), super!" ★★★★★55
  • Mena.co | Alternative Navigation
    "Конечно 60 долларов дороговато, но если подумать сколько стоила машина и новые карты." ★★★★★55
  • SanDisk USB stick
    "Menaco sent the USB stick very quickly (next day delivery in Germany), it contained all software ready to install." ★★★★45
  • Mena.co | Alternative Navigation
    "Bought Menaco pure for maps of France in 7ways, will test on holiday. The license file worked good." ★★★★★55
  • Mena.co | Alternative Navigation
    "I order USB stick, it was mailed in 2 days and clear manual, grazie." ★★★★★55
  • Mena.co | Alternative Navigation
    "Was greatly helped with this add on, had my fears when installing, but really worked out perfectly. Well done!" ★★★★★55
  • Original theme
    "Wanted to change theme from Dacia to Renault colors. Went very smoothly, no problems. Did not buy Menaco." ★★★★★55
  • Mena.co | Alternative Navigation
    "Followed instructions to install rear-view camera. Cost about 20 dollars from eBay for wireless cam. Works very good." ★★★★★55
  • Mena.co | Alternative Navigation
    "Ik heb de kaarten gedownload van MegaMaps en gebruik nu 7ways. Werkt prima." ★★★★★55
  • Mena.co | Alternative Navigation
    "Waited very very long time, but finally downloaded and very very happy!!!" ★★★★★55
  • Mena.co | Alternative Navigation
    "Used the previous Kia version navigation, fully Russian, new version by Menaco is perfect" ★★★★★45
  • Mena.co | Alternative Navigation
    "Have a hyundai from 2010, version 5.1.3, this installed very quickly" ★★★★★55
  • Mena.co | Alternative Navigation
    "Good maps for Navitel, but not all new roads present. Menaco becomes better and better, so hopefully soon" ★★★★★35
  • Mena.co | Alternative Navigation
    "Kia user here, we provide it at our garage in Manchester. Especially the video player is popular" ★★★★★55
  • Mena.co | Alternative Navigation
    "My Hyundai navigation was totally out of date, now I am using 7ways with good maps" ★★★★★55
  • Mena.co | Alternative Navigation
    "Could not live without rear-view camera. 5 stars!!" ★★★★★55
  • Rear View Camera (Wireless)
    "Installed the camera using the instructions on the site. Went very quickly, but needed help." ★★★★45
21 reviews: 9.3/10