Questions from a new user

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Questions from a new user

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Hi all,

I'm a new Menaco solution buyer.
I would like to thank every people that take part of this nice software.
I will use / am using it on a 2012 KIA Optima with a MediaNAV LAN2.

-The solution is quite easy to install;
-Navitel Navigator owns a French translation (little tricky to set for non-russian speaking guy like me!);
-7ways not, but I found English to start.
** I am currently working on a French translation (quite finished).
** I can post it in this forum if someone is interested; I can also send it to 7ways developers...

I had a close look to the forum, found various answers, but sorry, nothing 100% clear for me.
Reamins some questions and I hope you will be able to answer them.

1/ The Menaco website indicates versions 7ways 1.81 (latest) and Navitel 9.10 (latest).
However, the KIA 3.0.8 package downloaded contains 7ways 1.80.1149 and Navitel 9.8.175 versions which are obviously not the latest.
What is please the procedure to update to the latest version? If there is no such update, can we manually update ?

2/ My understanding, your solution is sold without maps and we have to find them ourselves on the Internet to install them.
Miguel give some links, but recent ones (Navitel maps 2017 Q2 for navitel 9.7+!) are located on a Demo http.
-It seems that there are maps that you can download but that you have to activate with a key?
Can you please indicate clearly what we need to do to get the latest maps?
Buy them, why not (where, for what amount, ...)?

Thanks for your answers,

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