Cam guidelines fix

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Cam guidelines fix

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Hello everyone,,
I followed the accurate explanations from Menaco FAQ about how to adjust guidelines for the rear camera... It is very easy and simple to remediate the problem, but after I adjust the guidelines and stop the engine with the next start the guidelines are disappeared again. Can you fix it? I have a built in rear cam from the fabric and in my personalized configuration of Menaco I don't use /need Menaco's rear cam buttons so maybe an idea can be to make a version or an update of Menaco without rear cam configuration, for those like me that don't need it and wants to use the original built in system of rear cam. Any way that does not mean that I not apreciate your work... contrarily I very apreciate your great work, but for me was enough to personalize the MediaNav with new background, icons and navigations... some of the features I don't need them. So please, can you fix this for me? Thanks a lot!

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