Huawei E3372, received note working properly

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Huawei E3372, received note working properly

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Hi there again,

I have previous send the message below, but haven't heard anything yet

I've just received my Huawei E3372 from you guys. And i have followed the 5 steps in order to make it work. How ever it dosn't work (the internet part).

In step 5 it says that you have to: Put the file on your USB drive in the map \USBCONFIG\ But the one i have reiceived didn't contain USBCONFIG map, i've also searched for it in the drive with no luck. Furthermore i've tried to add my 3G gen in the drive and also created a map named USBCONFIG...

My APN is: internet
P.S. There's nothing wrong with the simcard, i know for-sure that there's internet access, as i use it on daily bases.

Furthermore i've already tried to use the generated one received before following the 5 step above.
Please help.

Lookin forward to hear from you

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