Kia rio

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Kia rio

Post by » 01 Jun 2019 21:29

Hi all...
I hope I'm posting in the right place.. I've just bought a 2015 kia rio 3 isg with a factory fitted sat nav / entertainment system and I'd like to be able to get updated or better maps, any firmware available to "zing" up the unit.. I've accessed the firmware version etc by holding settings key down and I think I have the lan 4 version

LAN4: If you see a version like EU.SOP.10.103 or EU.SOP.20.001

This gives me hope... But I don't see kia rio in the vehicle list... Would mena work for me.

Thanks in anticipation

Mick... The "Greybeard"

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Re: Kia rio

Post by » 10 Jun 2019 22:08

Yes, this will work! :)

Very cool nickname.

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