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WARNING: Menaco is still in development. Although most functionalities work perfectly, using Menaco is at your own risk. In case you don’t know what you are doing, you can brick your system. Use Total Commander with care, as it has full access to the system, and of course always back up!

If you are having trouble with installation or downloads email,

WARNING: First follow the Installation Manual to ensure Menaco is properly installed.

Renault and Dacia

There are five areas in using Menaco:

Entering the Menaco menu, Adding maps and POI, Installing a Rear-View Camera, Using Video and Photo Player

  • Using Menaco

Changes after installation

After installation, there are three changes:

1) There are icons in “Settings > System” tab (bottom right tab) for Menaco
2) You can see a camera icon in the top left corner
3) Clicking “Maps” or “Navigate” shows Menaco menu with 4 items

How to use Menaco

Let’s check how to use all three changes.

Change 1 – icons in Settings tab

There are three icons added to settings tab; Renault icon, globe icon and camera icon, as seen below:

Menaco settings buttons

Renault icon Switches your system back to original maps and settings. If you want to navigate with default navigation click the Renault button
Globe icon Switches your system to Menaco and enables the Menaco menu. You can start the menu anytime by clicking “Maps” or “Navigate”
Camera icon This enables and disables the camera icon on the home screen. If you don’t have rear-view cam, you can disable the icon

Change 2 – camera in top left corner

If you have connected a rear-view camera, you can click this icon to check what is behind you. This camera icon can be enabled and disabled in the Settings menu, as described above.

General menu

Change 3 – using Menaco menu

If you have switched to Menaco, clicking “Maps” or “Navigate” will show the Menaco menu with 4 items:

Menaco menu

    • 7ways navigation

Click this to start 7ways. This is a navigation program with free maps. You can download 7ways maps here. After that, you can put them in the 7waysmaps directory on a USB stick and you’re ready to go!

    • Navitel navigation

Navitel is also a navigation program with free maps. You can download Navitel maps here. After that, you can put them in the NavitelContent directory on a USB stick and you’re ready to go!


    • Video player

The video player supports different formats, see the full list here.

    • Total Commander

This is a file manager. You can copy maps, speedcams, POI and other files to and from your navigation system using Total Commander. Be careful: Total Commander has full access to your system!

  • Change Menaco skin

All graphical elements of Menaco load from ‘Storage Card/menaco’. If you are an advanced user, you can modify this. Copy files to this folder with Total Commander in the USB flash disk. BMP-files in this folder are buttons and backgrounds.

  • Adding new maps and POI’s for default MediaNAV

WARNING: You can only use official/legal maps downloaded from: All other maps WILL NOT WORK

If you need to update or add maps for the default navigation, follow the following procedure:

Step 0

Back up your Storage Card4 folder COMPLETELY. To do this, make sure you have enough space on your USB drive (4GB) and go to Total Commander.

  • In Total Commander open MD on the right side of the screens
  • On the left side, select “Storage Card4”
  • Click File > Copy/Move and confirm copy of whole drive to MD
  • In your computer, back up the whole directory to a safe location

Now you can proceed with a safe heart, but still be careful ;).

Step 1

Purchase official maps that are in *.fbl format here:

Step 1

Use Total Commander to copy maps to ‘Storage Card4/NNG/content/map’. Use maps from 8.3 and up.

Step 2

Use Total Commander to copy POI to ‘Storage Card4/NNG/content/poi’. Use POI from 8.3 and up.

See image
MediaNAV / Menaco menu
See image
Total Commander
See image
NNG settings

Step 3

Use the switch from Menaco – Renault in Options – System to go to original MediaNAV install.

See image
Switch Menaco/Renault in Settings/System settings

Step 4

After a restart, you will be able to use the navigation with the new maps!

  • Installing Rear-view camera

You can use the mainstream camera’s (even the wireless ones) to connect to MediaNAV & Menaco. We advise the following camera:
Menaco Rear-View Camera (+ Wireless)

See image
See image

These are the steps to install the camera:

Step 1

Make sure you know what you’re doing!

Step 2

Connect rear-view camera to reverse-light and secure watertight connection

See image

Step 3 (optional)

Connect wireless to 12v (for example your sigarette lighter)

Step 4

To connect, put PLUS (usually red) connector in MediaNAV pin nr. 10 and the MINUS (usually black) in pin number 22. The key should not be in the ignition and MediaNAV should be off for at least 30 seconds.

See image
Rear-view-camera installation

Here is how to open up MediaNAV in a Dacia Lodgy:
[metaslider id=3442]

Step 5

Test out the view and adjust cam accordingly using Torx 6 or Torx 4 screw driver.

See image

Menaco-user web-ruslan has published his full journey and installation manual (including photos) here:
Installing rear-view camera – Web-Ruslan (Translated)

You can also watch this instruction film to see how you can run the wires for the camera:

  • Change video player language

Follow the steps below to change the language of the video player:

Step 1

Download CorePlayer languages:

Step 2

Don’t unpack the zip archive!

Step 3

Put the *.zip file into “Player” directory in |Storage Card| via Total Commander

Step 4

Extract key from ignition or shut off player and wait 15 seconds. Then turn it back on.

Step 5

This is how to change the language:

See image
Change MediaNAV / Menaco video player language
See image
Change MediaNAV / Menaco video player language
See image
Change MediaNAV / Menaco video player language
See image
Change MediaNAV / Menaco video player language
See image
Change MediaNAV / Menaco video player language
See image
Change MediaNAV / Menaco video player language
See image
Change MediaNAV / Menaco video player language
  • How to use screen mirroring
For this functionality you need the following:

  • Android smartphone or tablet
  • Newest version of Menaco (at least or
  • USB hub and USB cables
  • App “Screen Stream” installed on your Android device

Now that you have your setup ready, let’s begin!

  1. Connect your mobile device to MediaNAV using Bluetooth (this is for the audio)
  2. Connect your mobile device to MediaNAV using USB cable (through USB hub, because USB disk containing Menaco needs to stay connected aswell)
  3. Enable USB tethering on you Android device
  4. When this is done, the internet indicator in Menaco will light up green
  5. Start the app “Screen Stream
  6. Go to ‘settings’ in the app clicking the hamburger menu in the top left
  7. Make sure that all settings are set like below

  8. Disable phone sleep mode, to prevent auto standby
  9. Turn your phone in portrait mode
  10. Click button “Start stream” in the app
  11. Press button in Menaco menu to start the mirroring
  12. During mirroring, the sound will go through Bluetooth
  13. To exit screen mirror mode, press top right corner in MediaNAV

Kia and Hyundai

These are the functionalities of Menaco/Menavrus after installation:

  • Starting Menaco

Changes after installation

When pressing “Voice Info” button (the middle of the second button for some systems), you will go to the Menavrus/Menaco menu. There you can find and start the installed programs.

If a program has already been started, these buttons will call the context menu within the programs for more options.

Kia/Hyundai 2011-2015
Menavrus/Menaco Menu Hyundai/Kia

Kia/Hyundai 2015-2017
Menaco installed on Kia/Hyundai

Pressing “Nav”, “Map”, “Info” will start the according program that has been defined in the CFG file. When the program is already started, it will initiate the “Search”-menu within that program.

Currently the installed programs are:
– 7ways
– Total Commander
– CorePlayer
– Web browser Opera Mini
– Navitel 9.10 (2015-2017 version only)
– Progorod (2015-2017 version only)
– CityGuide

  • Total Commander


What does Total Commander do?

With Total Commander you can fully access the file system on your device. You can copy/move/change/rename all files. BE CAREFUL, you can brick your system beyond recovery.

  • 3G/4G Internet

How to use internet

You can click in the middle of the second button (_| on SantaFe). You will then see hovering buttons with which you can use Internet connection. You can use these as follows:
3g/4g internet Kia/Hyundai | Start internet using serialized 3G/4G stick
3g / 4g internet Kia Hyundai | Enable auto-connection when device starts
3g / 4g internet Kia Hyundai | Reset 3G/4G modem

For full 3G/4G internet instructions, visit the explanation page! (click)

  • Disabling Menaco/Menavrus

Disable temporarily

To disable Menavrus/Menaco temporarily and return to normal mode, press the “Settings/Setup” button (with gear-icon) 5 times and choose “Default Navi”.

The device will restart to regular navigation program and will work just like it was before installing Menaco.

To go back to Menaco, do the same procedure: press the “Settings/Setup” button (with gear-icon) 5 times and choose “Menavrus”.

  • Deleting Menaco/Menavrus

How to delete Menavrus/Menaco?

To Delete Menaco, simply download and install 7.4.5 original version of the software. It will remove all traces of Menaco and leave your device like it was. Use the link in “Installation Manual” to download the original versions.

  • Screen Mirror

How to start mirroring your android device?

  1. Press the ‘Player’ button in Menaco menu longer than 1 second to start the Screen Mirror function
  2. Install the ‘ScreenStream’ app on your Android smartphone (sound will be transferred through bluetooth)
  3. Create a Wi-Fi tethering point on your phnone and connect your navigation device to it
  4. Install the free ‘Screen Stream over HTTP’ from Play Market on your android phone and start it, make sure it looks like this
  5. Disable sleep/standby mode on your phone
  6. Use your phone in portrait mode
  7. Press button “Start streaming”. Confirm that you want to start transmission and provide with the necessary access
  8. Press and hold the “Player” button, until the button turns to “Mirror”
  9. Mirroring should start now. If you see a black screen, double click the middle a couple of times
  10. Press “Mode” on the steering wheel to transfer sound via bluetooth
  11. To leave mirror mode, press the button
  • Internet through Wi-Fi

How to use internet?

  1. Create a Wi-Fi tethering point on your phnone and connect your navigation device to it
  2. Press the gear/setting button on your device, you will see the setup screen
  3. Press the “Wi-Fi” button and go to Wi-Fi settings
  4. Make sure that the Wi-Fi button on top is showing “Enabled”, if not press it again
  5. Press “Show Wi-Fi networks” button and select the one from your phone
  6. Insert password and confirm you want to use this network

Now you know everything about using Menaco! But of course there’s more. Head over to Frequently Asked Questions for more info!

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